Reclaim. Restore. Reuse.

                                  ​                  ADVANCED BIOLOGIC WATER RESTORATION SYSTEMS 



Complete water restoration system.  Available underground in concrete tanks or above ground in our V-bottom tanks. 

Entry level water reclaim system. Upgradable to the PRO-COMPLETE.

Rain water harvest system.  Collects rain water from any location's roof and/or paved lot.

System delivers oxygen to any body of water accelerating bacteria to consume up to 95% of organic waste.

Odor control system that prevents re-used water from containing an odor when used again.

Closed-loop biologic water restoration system add-on. With this system, you’ll be able to use biologically restored H2O to produce spot-free rinse water


RO systems designed for overall superior performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and capacities ranging from 1500 - 36,000 gallons per day.


Geotextile de-watering bags.