Reclaim. Restore. Reuse.

                                  ​                  ADVANCED BIOLOGIC WATER RESTORATION SYSTEMS 




The Bio Pro Complete water restoration system restores water back to as near city water quality as is biologically possible.  In fact, this system generally produces water that is about 100 TDS over incoming city water.  No other treatment system can produce water as clean as the Bio Pro Complete system.  This system works the same as our Bio Pro Limited but takes the water through an additional cleaning process where the water is sent through a biological treatment chamber where natural active bacteria consume the chemicals from the water. A Bio Pro Complete water restoration system will produce water that can be used in 90 to 95 percent of the wash.  


-After the standard settling tanks where the largest solids have settled out, the waste water enters the aeration chamber.  In this chamber air is infused in the water to not only emulsify the chemicals, but also begin the transformation of the natural anaerobic bacteria to aerobic bacteria.

-From the aeration chamber the water is then pumped through the hydro cyclones which cyclonically separate any remaining solids down to 5 micron.

-After cyclonic treatment, the water is pumped into the bio chamber.  In the bio chamber, the aerobic bacteria attach to bio media which fills the bio chamber.  With the bio chamber filled with bio media, the water containing the used vehicle wash chemicals will come in direct contact with the bacteria. This natural consumption of chemicals produces a byproduct of CO2 and H2O, which is not only non-hazardous but also odorless.

-The water then enters the clarification chamber where by the bio sludge coming from the bio chamber is allowed to settle to the bottom and is pumped to the sewer once a day.

-After the clarification chamber, the water gravity overflows into the clean water tank where its stored for reuse.  The water in the Bio Pro-Complete system is continuously circulating so the bacteria remains aerobic.  When the water isn't needed the system switches to energy saving mode.  This energy saving mode reduces power consumption by 75 percent.


Standard sizes 3,000-4,000-6,000-10,000 and 20,000 gallons per hour.  However, the Bio Pro-Complete can be custom-built to any capacity.  The Bio Pro-Complete can be installed and configured ABOVE GROUND where space is available or BELOW GROUND in either concrete or fiberglass tanks. 


-Oxygen levels higher than 60%

-Oil emulsion levels of less than 5ppm

-PH levels between 6.5 - 8.0

-COD reduction to 1:10

-BOD levels less than 150 mg/l