About Us

Aqua Bio Technologies manufactures bio systems that incorporate natural technology which has worked in our environment since the beginning of time.  Technology that incorporates cyclonic separation of solids, active bacteria to consume organics and oxygen to establish a healthy environment for the whole biological process to take place.

There is ever increasing pressure being placed to conserve water worldwide and reuse that water safely due to diminishing supplies.  Working with nature, our technology provides a solution to that dilemma.

            BIO PRO COMPLETE


The Bio-Pro Complete is a complete biological water restoration system that uses aeration, cyclonic separation and natural biologic consumption....MORE

                  PRO RAIN 


The Pro-Rain water harvesting system has been specifically designed to be used for the collection of rain water that falls on a location's roof and/or paved lot....MORE

             BIO PRO LIMITED 


The Bio-Pro Limited is an entry level water reclaim system. The Bio-Pro Limited treats the waste water by removing the solids down to 5 micron after the standard settling tanks....MORE



                                                               ADVANCED BIOLOGIC WATER RESTORATION SYSTEMS 




The PrO2 gives the ability to deliver and manage sufficient oxygen levels in these systems for the bacteria to consume up to 95% of organic waste....MORE

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