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                BIO SOFTREAT

The Bio Softreat system is the first  ever closed-loop biologic water restoration system add-on. With this system, you’ll be able to use biologically restored H2O to produce ....MORE​​​​​​​​​​​​




               PRO LIMITED 


The Pro-Limited is an entry level water reclaim system. The Pro Limited treats the waste water by removing the solids down to 5 micron after the standard settling tanks....MORE​​


                  PRO RAIN 


The Pro-Rain water harvesting system has been specifically designed to be used for the collection of rain water that falls on a location's roof and/or paved lot....MORE​​

            BIO PRO COMPLETE


The Bio-Pro Complete is a complete biological water restoration system that uses aeration, cyclonic separation and natural biologic consumption....MORE​​

Aqua Bio Technologies is a leading manufacturer of biologic water

restoration, water reclaim, rain harvest, odor control and reverse osmosis systems.  Our systems do not use any ozone, UV or chemicals of any kind to control odor - Only Nature.  Aqua Bio systems assist nature to give our customers the actual results they desire -

Clean water, no odor and dramatic reductions in water and sewer costs.  Aqua Bio specializes in underground systems for new construction, above ground systems for existing locations and equipment rehab.

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